Improve Engagement By Turning Content Into Conversations

Students need continuous learning that fits with their lifestyles. With onQ, you increase learner engagement 24/7 by combining the best of traditional (ILT) & eLearning in a scalable, collaborative & energizing experience.

On average, online course dropout rates range from 40% to 80%, and can exceed 90%

Improving Student Engagement Increases Retention Rates

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With onQ, you will know

Engaged Social Learning with onQTM

onQ is an interactive layer around any existing video that invites learners into a dynamic, collaborative group learning experience...all delivered seamlessly within your LMS.

onQ-enabled content allows participants to:

  • Connect, contribute and learn as a community – feeling empowered to have their voices heard

  • Share in-the-moment contextual comments, feedback, questions & sentiment

  • Develop a stronger sense of connection with the instructor or facilitator, content and each other

Seasoned team with deep experience in cloud-based education and communications technology

  • $14 million funding

  • 4 patents awarded; 4 pending

  • Launched to enterprise learning fall 2017

  • Global client base

  • 33 team members and growing

Jack Alexander

Jack Alexander, Founder and Chairman

Accomplished technology entrepreneur


With onQ, achieve 254% greater social connection for learners in your video content.

Greater social connection leads to accelerated motivation, deeper engagement, increased retention, enriched experience, and better results.

Source: 2018 University of South Florida research study on social presence in online learning, performed on behalf of onQ

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Top Innovator 2017

Best Emerging Technology for Education Best Corporate Learning Solution

Engage Learners

onQ provides today’s learners with a dynamic, collaborative online experience that fits with their lifestyle.

Strengthen Skills

Keep your faculty and staff on point for training, skilling, professional development and compliance.

Attract New Students

Deliver your message to prospective students who expect interaction. Your message becomes an interactive experience that resonates.

Share News

Communicate interactively with students, faculty, staff and alumni. Align your message and reinforce culture.

To view a sample of an onQ-enabled experience,

please click on the video below

Learners can CONNECT in the conversation by expressing what they think & feel with emojis, questions, & comments.

Learners can REFLECT through pre-seeded discussion points for deeper learning, practice & peer feedback.

Learners can SHARE the experience with friends & colleagues – on any device, on-demand anytime.

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Go beyond normal insights - WAY beyond

Scoring models for engagement, facilitation, influence & sentiment
• Analytics vested in research-based science linked to learning
Insights that guide you to better instruction, content & outcomes


Teachers First, supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Education - reaching 1.3 million educators

At the heart of Teachers First is a professional framework describing the behaviors that make world class teachers. This framework was designed by a group of international education experts through onQ’s partner, Imagine Education.

Status: Deploying first to 50,000 teachers, followed by a planned rollout to 500,000 in a collaborative learning community, and eventually to the balance of 1.3 million educators countrywide.

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“Our partnership with onQ enables us to scale our learner base ten-fold through conversational video, which dramatically aids in accelerating learning, whether via our joint initiative for Egypt, or wherever learning takes place.”

Jim Wynn, CEO, Imagine Education

Your learners have a voice. Are you listening?

Now you can with onQ


Learners interact openly with content and each other, asking, commenting, collaborating, and connecting.


Learners can easily practice what they learn, self-reflect, share with peers, prove mastery, and gain valuable feedback.


Pre-seed engagement points in content for discussion, deeper learning, quick polls, and formative quizzes.


See where content is working, or not, in-the-moment & adjust on the fly to improve learner engagement & experience.


Turn invisible to visible. Get insights on how & why users or groups engage; plus their thinking, feedback & sentiment.


Use onQ on-demand with any content on any device, anytime. Open API for seamless integration & tying to outcomes.

We look forward to speaking with you

Jack Alexander Founder and Chairman


Pablo Pittaluga VP, Education Solutions