What is different about onQ from other applications on the market?

By combining the best of traditional and digital learning into one solution, onQ truly transforms the experience by causing authentic engagement between content, students, and educators.

Today’s online learning is insular, static and process-driven, causing most people to disengage.  With onQ, we bring your existing video and other multimedia content to life, where everyone is empowered with the ability to contribute, share, connect, learn and grow together. All participants have a “voice.” They are more motivated and engaged, resulting in better feedback, stronger retention, deeper relationships, and higher learning.

But we don’t stop there.

Our onQ solution gives you meaningful insights into how your users and groups are engaging with your content and each other – at the exact moment and across the full experience – as well as your students’ and staff’s thinking, feedback, and sentiment. In parallel, we provide you with the right tools to use these actionable insights toward better facilitation, content, learning, and measurable results.

This results in a cost-effective way to generate a better overall understanding of your students and staff and dramatically improve your outcomes.

Why does an education organization really need onQ?

After speaking with a number of administrators, we hear a common theme. They simply don’t know if their students and staff are truly engaged with their content and communications. They don’t know if they’re hearing the messages or retaining the content. They don’t know when their users engage and disengage, or – if they did know – how to improve the experience.

Are you listening?

If you value your team and students, and you want them to authentically connect with your content, each other, and your organization….then onQ is for you.

The onQ solution leads to dramatically improved outcomes from your existing content and resource investments. With onQ, you can quickly experience cost-effective measurable results as well as stronger relationships and an increased understanding of what drives your audience.

Organizations using onQ can:

  • Drive higher performance
  • Raise productivity
  • Grow innovation
  • Build teamwork
  • Listen more effectively
  • Strengthen culture
  • Share best practices
  • Ensure training quality
  • Reduce costs

How would onQ complement the Learning Management System (LMS) that my school already has in place?

The onQ solution can run as a standalone or can complement existing LMS systems. We built onQ with a rich set of APIs that allow us to integrate with pretty much anything. While LMS systems are oriented around process, organization, and reporting, onQ is focused on a highly engaging learner experience. onQ courses and sequences can be linked to by any system and the depth of system integration can evolve over time, depending on your usage and goals.

With onQ, users can easily assemble sequences of content and share them with their audiences for more informal, in-the-moment learning. LMS’s typically aren’t used this way, so onQ offers a way to create an organic learning, sharing, and listening culture within your organization.

Also, onQ is well suited for extended usage, where you may need to deliver content across multiple locations. With onQ, each location can manage their own groups and users; and you can even license free or paid content to them based on your needs.

How is the data that onQ delivers different from what I see in other solutions?

Our onQ solution gives you real insights into how your users and groups are engaging with your content and each other. Most other systems can tell you if someone has viewed a piece of content and how far they’ve progressed. onQ tells you how engaged they are with your content relative to others, and it tells you who your influencers are as well. onQ also provides insights into how your facilitators are contributing—are they answering questions and interacting with your learners? Our analytics let you know which content is causing engagement, where you might need to adjust your content, who your influencers are, who is having a positive or negative influence, and who is showing signs of confusion or frustration, among other insights.

What is unique about onQ analytics & insights and how is the Scoring derived?

Obviously, our algorithms are part of our secret sauce; so, we don’t divulge exactly how we do it. But our insights into user and content engagement (eScore™), user-to-user interaction and influence (iScore™), and sentiment/mood (mScore™) are based peer-reviewed science related to learning engagement and interactivity. Through our ongoing research partnership with the University of South Florida, we test and validate the efficacy of our insights and product features.  

I don't have an LMS, can I still use onQ?

Absolutely. While we are not a LMS, onQ has extremely flexible and innovative ways to handle complex organization and group structures. The onQ solution also supports both formal instructors as well as team leads or administrators as facilitators.

My school already has a Video platform, how would onQ complement it?

With onQ, you can add an interactivity and engagement level on top of any video streaming service, allowing your users to create sequences of content that include videos and other content types from various sources.

Can anyone use onQ, even people who are less tech-savvy?

We specifically designed onQ to be easy to use and super intuitive. New users can go through content and engage with other users immediately. If they want to know about any part of the system, we provide easily accessible help and tutorial videos throughout the system. For facilitators, onQ is intuitive and easy, as the application guides them and ensures they keep with their learner or audience.  

What does a typical implementation look like to get setup and using onQ?

A typical onQ implementation follows a clear process that addresses the stakeholders, the system, the experience and the outcomes holistically. So, by the end of the implementation period, a client already has begun to use onQ productively. 

Is onQ available on all types of devices?

Users today want to learn and engage wherever they are and on their devices of choice. The OnQ solution works across desktops and mobile devices. For desktop usage, we support Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 for Windows and Safari and Chrome for Macs. Apps are available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

What does onQ cost?

We offer flexible licensing and pricing designed to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Whether you plan to use onQ for training & development, communication & feedback, collaboration & ideation, research & testing, or communities & groups, we have pricing terms that align with how you measure value. To obtain a quote, please contact [email protected] or click here.

What support and services are available?

Our highest priority is helping you to achieve amazing outcomes.

While (others confirm with us that) onQ is intuitive to use, we want to make sure our customers are using the application toward the best possible user experience.

As an onQ customer, you have access to a dedicated success representative, in-app solutions, real-time dashboards, a private support community and live chat, as well as ongoing tips and best practices.

We also offer a range of professional services to help you optimize content, facilitation, engagement, learning and outcomes.

  • One-on-One coaching with a learning export
  • Learning audits
  • Instructional design
  • Virtual and on-site workshops addressing specific areas of need (i.e., how to raise proficiency of facilitators)
  • Optimization through analytics
  • Custom analytics
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom migration

Where is onQ available?

The onQ solution is currently available in English. As a solution with global, multi-market application, we’re planning multi-language support later this year, as well as availability in Europe and the Middle East.

What expertise do you have in Learning? What is your philosophy?

At onQ, we have over 100 years of combined education strategy and hands-on experience, from the classroom and continuous learning to technology solutions. Members of our leadership team have built their careers managing education companies and developing learning, cloud, and enterprise software. We have led the original Apple 1:1 laptop initiative. We have innovated in corporate L&D. We’ve driven innovative classroom interactivity for K-12. We have initiated thought leadership in technology and education.

Our onQ team has the talent to truly change how organizations learn. Our team of experts and practitioners have even been described as having that cohesive “something special” rarely seen not only in edtech, but in any digital technology company. We’re pretty that proud of and excited about it too.

Our philosophy?

We believe that real learning takes place when learners are given the opportunity to gain knowledge, have an interactive conversation by sharing and receiving feedback, and then practice. This approach is proven to empower and motivate, resulting in higher engagement, retention and outcomes.

At onQ, we believe that…

  • Learning should be engaging and interactive.
  • Video is one of the most effective media types for learning.
  • All participants bring value to the learning process.
  • Learning is an ongoing experience, not a one-time event.
  • Learning is most effective when it is social and collaborative
  • Life-long learning is the key to personal and professional growth.
  • Access to and interpretation of in-the-moment, real-time data is a vital part of building and maintaining a meaningful learning experience.